Marilyn Stafford, LMT -- Testimonials

When traveling, I used to indulge in a massage at a local spa. Now, I wait until I return home to Lexington. No one else has the healing touch of Marilyn Stafford. Her intuition, her hands and her healing spirit have become an integral part of my weekly wellness rituals. She is a treasure!

Susan Mullineaux


Marilyn Stafford is my Massage Therapist.  She listens to you to find the pain and through her healing touch finds the blocks to relieve tension and pain.  Over many years dealing with my failing body (resulting in a diagnosis of MS), she has brought me back to life.  Marilyn's talents go beyond massage.She has learned many techniques that help her go into the pain and bring one back into the light. I am so grateful for her loving care so I can continue my journey more fully. My joy is that I found Marilyn, a friend and healer. 
Virginia Elliott


Over a year ago I went to Marilyn for the first time for a deep tissue massage to help relieve the discomfort of my chronic lower back pain.  Marilyn would often recommend Thai massage but I always wanted the deep tissue massage.  Upon returning from a month in Thailand perfecting this type of massage, Marilyn was offering her clients a free 30-minute trial of Thai massage.  My 30-minute session turned into 90 and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Thai massage is like doing yoga but Marilyn does all the work!  It is the perfect balance of massage with significant stretching--I always leave refreshed and energized for days afterwards. Marilyn is professional, respectful, and attentive to her clients and she continues to learn new techniques to bring to the mat.  I highly recommend Marilyn and Thai massage to anyone who has arthritis or other issues where stretching is a must.  It has helped me considerably.

Sandra K.


Getting a Thai massage from Marilyn at Serenity Studio is an amazing experience!  As an avid rock climber, I am frequently overexerting my body.  No matter how drained and overworked I am when I arrive at Serenity, I leave feeling totally rejuvenated. I appreciate the super beneficial experience I get at Serenity every time.

Christian LeBlanc


Stress and strain evaporate into thin air when Marilyn works the magic of her massage treatments.  Think of it as life-extension work that actually feels good!

Don Mullineaux